Manuel Canu and his work

"Manuel Canu's work is concerned with the process of acculturation - the cultural and psychological change that results when cultures collide. 
Having lived, studied and worked away from is native Italy for some time, an experience that forced him to consider the meaning of home, Canu's work developed into an exploration of traditions, cultures and beliefs, specifically as seen through the prism of architecture.
Canu sees architecture as a meeting ground between the old and the new, and a mirror to the cultures it serves."


Quote from Claire Loders book, "Sculpting and handbuilding"



Manuel Canu CV


2004-2007 BA-H Ceramic Design, Bath Spa University

2002-2004 ND Craft Design City of Bath College



2017, SVFK, Danish Art Workshop

2016, CCA Andratx, Spain

2009, The Pottery Workshop, The Experimental Factory, Jingdezen, China

2008, International Ceramic Research Centre, Project Network, Guldagergaard, Denmark. 



2017, MellemRum, Gammelgaard Kunst og Kultur Center, Herlev, Denmark

2016, Botanical Propagation, CCA Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

2016, Sølv, Gold-Smidt Assembly, London, UK

2015, Charlottenborg Forårudstilling, København, Denmark

2014, Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Denfrie, København, Denmark

2013, Craft and Design Biennale, Råndtårn, København, Denmark

2009, Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, London

2008,Network project, Grimerhuse Museum of Ceramics,Denmark

2008, Setting Out 2008, Brewery Arts, Cirencester

2008, Talente, International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades Munich

2008, Setting Out 2008, Contemporary Ceramics, London

2007, New Designers, Business Design Centre, London

2007, Breaking Out, Air Gallery, London




2016, Member of the Kongelige Akademi For De Skønne Kunster Akademiraadet, Billedkunstsection

2015, Award nominee, Charlottenborg Forårudstilling, København, Denmark

2014, Kustnernes Efterårsudstilling , CCA Andratx award




2011-2013, Private Teacher at Ceramic workshop, Vesterbro Kulturhus, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2009, Porcellane and Light, Vallekilde Højskole, Denmark.

2008, Comunicating through form, The vessel, Vallekilde Højskole, Denmark.




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